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1、初中英语副词精题精练(含答案)I.单项选择 (一)1. -China has formed a deep friendship with many countries around the world. -Thats true. We are working together in many fieldsA.closelyB. nervouslyC. terriblyD. humorously2. Tina drives to work. But today she drives because of the rain.A.alwaysB. oftenC. sometimesD. hardly

2、3. Because people can find information on the Internet,knowledge spreads .A.quicklyB. loudlyC.hardlyD. nearly4.-Whos the winner of womens 200-meter freestyle final in Swimming World Cup 2019? -Yang Junxuan. She swam of all.A. fastB. fasterC. fastestD. much faster5.-Jack, dont make a noise. The class

3、mates are studying now. -Sorry,Mr Brown.A.quietlyB. clearlyC. quicklyD. politely6. Have you seen my mobile phone, Sam?I cant find it .A.everywhereB. somewhereC.nowhereD. anywhere7. Tom studies , so he fails the exam.A. hardly; hardlyB.hard; hardlyC. hard; hardD. hardly; hard8. -The sun shines .-Wed

4、better wear our sunglasses to protect our eyes.A. softlyB. hardlyc.fastD. brightly9. -You dont like British breakfast, do you?-Not . I just need some time to get used to it.A. moreB. onlyC.trulyD. exactly10.I came to school this morning because it was my turn to clean our classroom.A.earlyB. slowlyC

5、.quietlyD. suddenly11. I fell off the bike on my way to school I wasnt hurt.A.LuckilyB. SuddenlyC.PolitelyD. Recently12. -Why was Jim late for work this morning?-He got up late.A. nearlyB. graduallyC. hardlyD. probably13. -The young are always busy checking their mobile phones while getting together

6、.-So it is. They should put down phones and have more talks, .A. stillB.tooC. eitherD. instead14. -You are singing to the plants!-Thats true. I believe it can help them grow .A. slowerB. betterc. harderD. worse15. -Would you like two strong black coffees?-No,thanks. I .drink it.It hurts my stomach.A

7、. almostB. hardlyC. onlyD. exactly(二)1. Mrs Smith showed the boys how to behave like a gentleman at the dinner table.A. happilyB. bravelyC. politelyD. differently2.In order to send the donations to the hospital as soon as possible,the drivers stopped to eat or rest during the journey.A. nearlyB. har

8、dlyC. badlyD. mostly3. David is crazy about Chinese history.He visits the museums first wherever he travels in China.A. neverB. seldomC. sometimesD. always4.Kunqu Opera is thought to be one of the symbols of Suzhou.Dont miss it during your stay here.A. hardlyB.widelyC. suddenlyD. badly5.-Look,Grandm

9、a! click on this icon, and then you can talk to the doctor.-So easy? Do I need a special number or something else?A.SimpleB. SimplyC. EasyD. Easily6.I can control my feelings at the moment.The movie reminds me of my childhood.A.reallyB. nearlyC.slowlyD. hardly7. How it rained yesterday! We had to ca

10、ncel our football match.A. heavilyB. lightC.heavyD. lightly8.-Who runs in your class?-Tom does. None of us can catch him in the race.A. fasterB. slowerC. fastestD. slowest9.-He hardly had friends because he used to be mean-But now he has changed a lot.He treats others and is popular.A.nicelyB. carel

11、esslyC.rudelyD. heavily10.-Can you tell me when the Boeing 737 MAX planes will be allowed to fly again, sir?-Im afraid its still to talk about that.Well see.A. later enoughB. early enoughC. too lateD. too early11. Santaishan Forest Park is beautiful that it has become a hot tourist attraction.A. soB

12、.veryC.suchD. quite12. In order to protect the environment,all the countries should work with each other.A. closeB. closelyC. nearD. nearly13.There was a car accident on Xinhua Road yesterday. nobody was hurt.A.LuckyB. LuckilyC.UnluckyD. Unluckily14. -Im going to miss you,dear.-I feel_ the same.A. h

13、ardlyB. properlyC. seriouslyD. exactly15. -Does Antony always finish his homework on time?-Yes,of course. He leaves todays work for tomorrow.A. alsoB. neverC. onlyD. usually(三)1.After months of looking he found a job.That made him quite happy.A. hardlyB. quicklyC.finallyD. sadly2. -Wang Lin did in t

14、he final exam this term again.-Thats not strange. He always gets full marks in all of his subjects.A. worstB. worseC.bestD. better3. Its very lucky we booked a room; otherwise well have to stay now.A. somewhereB. anywhereC. nowhereD. everywhere4. Tan Dun has brought Chinese and Western music togethe

15、r.A. successfullyB. hopefullyC. harmfullyD. peacefully5.-Is Su Ning fit for the task?-Hang on. Ill tell you what I think of it.A. properlyB. correctlyC. exactlyD. highly6.-Li Tao won the badminton game again.-Yes,I think no one can do than him in our school.A. wellB. betterC. bestD. good7. Fire is v

16、ery dangerous. You cant be careful with it!A.veryB.quiteC. soD. too8.If your friend sends you a message to borrow money from you on the Internet, youd better call him first to make sure of that.A.recentlyB. finallyC. hardlyD. directly9. -Do you consider yourself a rude person?- not. I always have go

17、od mannersA.ProbablyB.UsuallyC. GenerallyD. Certainly10. When you visit a foreign country, it is important to know how to ask for help .A.latelyB. widelyC. politelyD. hardly11. -Be careful when you are driving, in a rainstorm like this.-Thanks. I will.A. especiallyB. probablyC. nearlyD. hardly12. I

18、know the city well that I dont need to use a map to get around.A.quiteB.veryC. soD. too13. -Is dinner ready?-Not .A. alreadyB. justC. yetD.ever14. Yuan Longping is regarded as the greatest scientist in rice planting.A. suddenlyB. patientlyC. hardlyD. generally15.-I can hardly see the words on the sc

19、reen.-Well, lets go and take the front seats so that we may see .A. clearB. clearerc. more clearlyD. most clearlyII.用所给词的适当形式填空1. In order to pass the exam, you need to study much (hard) now.2.After working hard bit by bit for a long time,she (successful) won the Nobel Prize in her seventies.3. The

20、volunteer spoke as (clear) as she could to make the visitors understand.4. When I was on my way home, it suddenly started to rain (heavy).5. (tradition),Chinese people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by enjoying the full moon and eating mooncakesIII.根据汉语提示完成句子(每空一词).1. Their business wasnt growing

21、 (足够快地).2. Jim (很少去看电影)because hes too busy.3.I (有时) have to work very late in the evening.4. Sleeping is a good thing, but some people sleep (不好地).5. Jack reads (最大声) of all his classmates.IV.同义句转换(每空一词).1. The students in our group dont write as well as the students in their group. The students in

22、 their group write than those in our group.2. Jack runs more slowly than Tom.Tom runs han Jack.3. I draw well, but my sister draws much better than me.I draw well,but I dont draw my sister.4. He arrives at the office earlier than any other workmate.He arrives at the office .5.Lily doesnt ride as quickly as Sam. Sam rides than Lily.12


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