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1、初中英语名词精题精练(含答案)I.单项选择(一)1. -What do you think of your new house built by the local government?-Pretty good. I have a of happiness now.A. warningB. traditionC. feelingD. question2.-I like best.-So do I. I take singing classes every weekend.A. musicB. physicsC. mathD. history3. Mr Huang is an excellen

2、t English teacher who has over 20 years teaching .A. experienceB. informationC.knowledgeD. journey4. Would you send me some of yours?I miss you very much!A. magazinesB. photosC. moneyD. advice5.Lily is a friend of .A. Marys mothers B. Marys motherC. Mary mothersD. Mary mother6. How much_do we need t

3、o make a banana milk shake?A.bananasB. applesC. coffeeD. milk7. Spending too much playing computer games is bad for your A.time; eyeB. time; eyesC. times; eyesD. times;eye8.-Miss Huang always advises us to practise speaking English after class.-She is right. Speaking is an important language A. sign

4、B. skillC. suggestionD. work9. I like this song. Its by one of my favourite A. singersB. dancersC. paintersD. writers10. For his sons birthday,Steven is taking him to the new movie as a A. taskB. treatC. choiceD. visit11. You can see the on our faces when we talk about the great achievements in the

5、past 70years.A.doubtB. prideC. regretD. ability12. After playing football for more than half an hour,the students took rest.A. a few minutesB. a little minutesC. a few minutesD. a little minutes13. Id like some and A. banana; tomatoB. bananas; tomatoC bananas; tomatoesD. banana; tomatoes14. In China

6、, the colour red is the of good luck.A. dreamB. wayC. symbolD. reason15. -Its useless to regret what has been done. Dont make those mistakes again.-I wont. Thats a(n) A.orderB. decisionC. promiseD. agreement(二)1.In a restaurant, people usually choose foods and drinks from the A.bookB. menuC. newspap

7、erD. magazine2. We usually know about the history of a city in the A.museumB. factoryC. bankD. hospital3.-In China, we use red paper to make hong bao because red means good luck.-Thats interesting! I want to know all the Chinese .A. traditionsB. sentencesc. noticesD. problems4. His father was a grea

8、t in Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan.A. actorB. singerC. violinistD. doctor5. Nobody thought it easy to finish so much work in .A. two daystime B. two-days timeC. two days timeD. two days time6.During the pandemic(流行病)many in our city went to Hubei Province as volunteers.A. woman doctorB. woman doctor

9、sc. women doctorsD. women doctor7. Mike doesnt have enough money, so he can only afford A. a breadB. too much bread C.a piece of breadD. many bread8. -Here is my family .We took it last year.-What a happy family!A. memberB. nameC. photoD. house9.-The air is very fresh in our city.There is less_than

10、before. -Yes. The government has taken action to protect the environment.A. woodB. pollutionC. noiseD. water10.June 1st is_Day. My sister is happy on that day every year.A. WomensB. FathersC. TeachersD. Childrens11.-Can I help you, Madam?-Yes.,please. .A.Two pair of socksB.Two pairs of socksC.Two pa

11、irs of sockD. Two pair of sock12. Jane is very thirsty, so she needs some .A. waterB. breadC. cakesD.rice13. The problems are difficult to solve.Please give me .A. many adviceB. some adviceC. an adviceD. some advices14.-I keep running every day.-Wow! Thats a good . It can keep you healthy.A. taskB.

12、exerciseC. habitD. plan15.The boy has been missing for five days and his parents are worried about his .A. attentionB. safetyC. actionD. growth(三)1.A factory will be built for the of this type of new energy cars.A.positionB. populationC. productionD. pronunciation2. Many teenagers want to be like Zh

13、ong Nanshan when they grow up.A. writersB. engineersC. doctorsD. inventors3. Mr Liu is a wise man, and he often gives us a few .A. suggestionsB. adviceC. hobbiesD. knowledge4. Could you please pass me a to write with?A. rulerB. tapeC.penD. knife5.-Jim,I have in finishing so much work.-Dont worry. I

14、can help you.A. abilityB. successC. experienceD. difficulty6.As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a .”A. wishB. roadC. wayD. key7.Sandy really likes eating meat,but she doesnt like eating_ .A. breadsB. vegetablesC. chickensD.noodle8.-Oh,no!We have missed the last bus. What shall we d

15、o?-Im afraid that we have no but to take a taxi.A. ideaB. decisionC. reasonD. choice9. -More and more foreigners come to visit the Great Wall.-Thats true. It is the of China.A. praiseB.pridec. effortD. courage10.-Its today, isnt it?-Yes, it is. Lets enjoy the moon while eating some moon cakes tonigh

16、t.A.the Lantern FestivalB. the Mid-Autumn DayC. the Dragon Boat FestivalD. the Spring Festival11. room looks very clean.A. Bob and Daves B.Bobs and DavesC. Bobs and DaveD. Bob and Dave12. He had his hair cut at the_around the corner.A. barberB. barbersC. barbersD.barbers13. -Tomorrow is our mothers

17、birthday.Lets buy some flowers for her.-OK. I know she likes best.A. dressesB. ringsC.handbagsD. roses14. My mother has a poor of direction, so she is always afraid to go out alone.A. sceneB. silenceC. serviceD. sense15. Please read the before you take the medicine.A. introductionsB. explanationsC.

18、instructionsD. experimentsII.写出下列名词的复数形式.1. book 2. house 3. country 4. life 5. postman 6. hero 7. orange 8. Japanese 9. factory 10.child 11. tree 12. monkey 根据汉语提示完成句子(每空一词)1. There is a fashion (演出) at the school hall.2. Smoking is bad for our (健康),so we must give it up.3. My new dress is made of

19、(丝绸).4. It is important and good for us to brush our (牙齿) after meals.5. Yao Ming is one of my favorite basketball (运动员)。6. It is a good idea to keep English (日记) every day.7. My sister wants to be a (模特).8. There are lots of (蔬菜) in the supermarket, such as potatoes and cabbages.9.Many (地区) of this

20、 country have suffered severe drought this year.10. He invited Lily to have dinner at a French (餐馆).IV.中所的适当形式填空streetinstructenergetictomato man teachersinger tooth ruleAmerican communicate1. That young man is one of my favourite pop .2. Small cars are useful in cities with narrow .3.The Queqiao sa

21、tellite(卫星) will form a _bridge between controllers on the Earth and the far side of the Moon.4.Look, we have mutton, fish, eggs, and juice for dinner.5. Many like to have hamburgers for lunch.6. Computers cannot work without from human beings.7. The child is so full of that he cant keep quiet.8. Th

22、ere are more than one hundred teachers in our school,and most of them are .9. We should brush our at least twice a day.10. You must follow the traffic on the way. V.用所给名词的适当形式填空1. Many people go to the park and take (photo) on Sunday.2. In the mall there are two (shoe) shops.3.“It depends on my (chi

23、ld) decision,”the mother said and looked at her two sons.4. How time flies! It is two (month) since we met last.5.During the Spring Festival,people in North China usually eat (dumpling)as a traditional Chinese food.6. Kaili is one of the most beautiful (city) in Guizhou.7.Did the policeman give some

24、_(advice)on how to protect personal information?8. Many (volunteer)are playing an active part in making Kunming a beautiful city.9. Can you give me some bottles of (orange), please?10. How many (cow) are there on the hill? VI.将下列汉语译成英语1.一张纸 2.两瓶可乐 3.一场结婚典礼 4.吉姆的爷爷 5.北京的天气 6.她的一个同学 7.四位男护士 8.六只鹅 9. 我的铅笔 10.个人发展 13


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